WesternU Health Oral Pathology Laboratory delivers high-quality oral pathology diagnostic services that are crucial to outstanding patient care. The laboratory accepts biopsy and surgical tissue specimens for diagnosis from dentists and physicians in California and other states. All services are provided by pathologists who are diplomates of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology (ABOMP).

Health Education Center, Pomona

New practice and physician registration

To become a new client of the Oral Pathology Laboratory please complete this form. If you require registration and/or a biopsy kit immediately, please call 909-469-8482.

To request oral pathology slides, blocks, and patient reports:

Release of records authorization form

Immunofluorescence testing

Support for direct and indirect immunofluorescence is available through a separate laboratory. Information is available upon request.

Patient management and treatment

Pathologists are available to discuss patient management. Please call 909-469-8482.

Patients may also be referred to the Advanced Oral Diagnostic Workgroup for management by a faculty specialist at the Western University of Health Sciences College of Dental Medicine. To refer a patient, please fax a referral to 909-469-8650 or call 909-706-3910.

Oral medicine clinic referral form

Specimen submission

Specimen submissions must include 2 patient identifiers (correctly spelled name, date of birth/requisition number). Information on test request form and biopsy container must be an exact match. Discrepancies will delay laboratory testing.

Please complete all forms provided in oral biopsy kit prior to submission.

Oral biopsy kit forms

Fee schedule

We are committed to price transparency. Please see our fee schedule and contact us with any questions.

Good faith estimate

As part of the Federal Government’s No Surprises Act, uninsured (or self-pay) individuals are entitled to a good faith estimate. This estimate is only for WesternU Health Oral Pathology Laboratory related fees. Estimates do not include expected charges from other providers (oral surgeons, dentists, x-rays, etc.). You may request a good faith estimate from us, in advance of your procedure, by calling 909-469-8482.


Currently, we do not accept any insurance for our oral pathology services.

WesternU Health Oral Pathology Laboratory is one of two specialty oral pathology labs in the United States to achieve accreditation by the College of American Pathologists. This accreditation represents our commitment to the highest standards of patient safety and best practices in laboratory operations.

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